A bit more Snape-ish calligraphy

(First, a quick note to anyone who has been getting malware and virus warnings when visiting any of my websites or circlet.com — they’ve FINALLY killed the infection. I hired a professional team from Sucuri.net who not only eradicated all the malware code, they hardened my WordPress installs, and they will keep watch for one year! Good stuff.)

Now, on to the arty stuff.

I undertook to practice two different alphabets here. One is a form of uncial that has a sort of Celtic look to it (having been the style used in many of the church manuscripts) and the other a more formal Gothic blackletter.

I’m better with the formal ones right now because I’m very stiff as a beginner. I have a bit more control and my inaccuracy and untrained muscle memory are minimized with the very formal letters. Whereas the uncials seem — to me, anyway — to want a bit more expressiveness in the stroke and I don’t yet have the fineness of technique to be able to be more expressive without just plain getting things wrong, letters too big, too small, strokes not matching as they should, etc.

Anyway, first “The Half Blood Prince” in uncial: Continue reading