Slytherin Hazing at the Geeky Kink Event NE

As expected, “Slytherin Hazing” was fantastically fun.

For those who don’t know, I am the guest of honor this weekend at a combination science fiction/geekdom/BDSM/Kink convention called the Geeky Kink Event. When they asked me what presentations I wanted to do, out of the blue I said, “OOoh! Let me run a Slytherin Hazing session, cosplayed as Draco Malfoy!” Being the geeky kinksters they are, the organizers readily agreed.

Wig Check! iPhone so handy for that...

I tested out my costume for the hour or so prior to the session, wandering the hallways and demanding to know where people’s wands were. (“Just because the war’s over is no excuse to go unarmed!”) I also had a few interactions as myself… for example the guys running a card game who were having people sign up for texts about the game. I put my actual name down. The guy thought I was pulling his leg by writing down the Guest of Honor’s name. Then he blinked and said, “Oh my. Good costume.”

Draco ready to separate the riff raff from the elite...

Anyway. I set up my stuff in the room. I had brought a couple of canes (including one New York Yankees cane… yes, you heard me right, New York Yankees cane, made by KJ Canes… BECAUSE THE YANKEES ARE THE SLYTHERINS OF BASEBALL… ahem…), some floggers, some potions (ahem, firewhiskey), some potions ingredients, et cetera. In these live role play situations you merely have to be ready for anything. Continue reading