News about the Hogwarts Alumni Ball!

The ball committee is working hard making decorations, inventing potions–I mean, cocktail recipes–and preparing for a grand time. 

I have a bit of news to add. To encourage folks to arrive on time, we have a special gift for the first 20 to come through the door: Time Turners! Yes, now you know what happened to the Ministry supply of them. I have them. 😀

Please help us get the word out to wizarding folk everywhere to come join us! Tell your friends, post on your social media, email lists, etc! Here are the details again:

-Wizarding costume ball! All Wizarding or Magical costumes are welcomed! (I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Timelord or two visiting, as well.)

-This Sunday October 26th, 7pm to 11pm at the Elks Lodge in Central Square, Cambridge, MA. One of our committee members described the bar area there as: “Slytherin Speakeasy.” Well, okay, then!

-Tickets are $20 day of event/at door, $15 in advance online at

-There will be prizes for best costumes!

-Cash bar: only those with ID proving they are 21 or older will be allowed to drink. (18+ may attend, though!)

Please share the graphic around too!


Third Annual Hogwarts Alumni Reunion at Arisia

For the third year in a row I hosted a Hogwarts Alumni Reunion at Arisia on Saturday night. This year the party was not as crowded, but we still had quite a decent turnout of folks in their witch and wizard hats and school robes, and I gave out at least dozen prizes for costumes–the more elaborate the costume, the more elaborate the prize. :-) (Some photos below…)

One of the more amusing interactive elements was I asked people to write a spell, curse, or potion they had invented since their graduation from Hogwarts. (As well as “what do you see in the Mirror of Erised?”)

Here’s the list of spells, curses, and potions: Continue reading

Hogwarts Alumni Reunion: January 18, 2014

Yep, we’re doing it again, the Hogwarts Alumni Reunion party at Arisia, the multi-fandom sf/f con in Boston that has costumers and GLBT folk in equal measures. As a result — and because of who I know to begin with — this party tends to have a lot of slashers and costumers. Wands may be needed to enter. If you are a Muggle you may have to convince a nearby witch or wizard to help you in.

More details and RSVPs on this facebook event page:

We’re still recruiting folks to help with decorating, food/drink, cleanup, etc. If you would not mind getting a hotel room in the party block I would love to hook our rooms together if possible so we can have more space? Let me know.

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Hogwarts Alumni Reunion This Saturday!

Coming up Saturday in Boston, the latest Renion (i.e. party) of the Hogwarts Alumni and other wizarding folks. This time we’ll be at the Arisia Science Fiction Convention, which is going on all weekend at the Westin Waterfront in Boston. Wands may be required for entry (how else are you going to get through the door charms?) and wizarding attire is strongly encouraged!

I could still use some help with food & decorating. So if anyone wants to bake/bring Cauldron Cakes or any other wizardy food item, or donate any small prizes for best Wizarding outfits/costumes, please let me know! (Email: ravenna_c_tan at yahoo dot com)

The party will take place room 450 (barring hotel mishap), 9pm to 2am. RSVP on Facebook here:

Day passes are on sale for Arisia as well, visit the con’s website to register:

AND! The party is being put on with some gracious help from MISTI-Con! I’ll have postcards and info about MISTI there. MISTI-Con will be in May in Laconia, NH. The main hotel is already sold out but they are booking overflow. Check out their website at:

Who’s coming to CON.txt this weekend?

Hey there! Here’s a heads up to attendees of this year’s CON.txt to note two parties I’m doing in my hotel room:

Saturday night: 10pm to 1am “Hogwarts Alumni Reunion.” We’ll have butterbeer and Bertie Botts and please wear costumes! The Party is being sponsored by Ascendio so I’ll have “Keep Calm and Carry Wands” tote bags for the first 20 to show up either in costume or carrying wands.

Friday night:
9pm to midnight: Circlet Press 20th Anniversary Party. Celebrating 20 years of publishing erotic science fiction and fantasy! We’ll be selling books down in the dealers room, but at the party I will have free copies of Best Erotic Fantasy for the first 25 attendees at the party! (It’s our anniversary, but you get the gifts.) For the aspiring writers, I’ll have calls for submissions to hand out, too.

Room number to be announced after I check in. I’ll try to post it on the con bulletin board, and Tweet it from @ceciliatan as well.

If anyone knows for sure they want certain copies of my books, let me know so I can bring enough! (Or even “maybes”) I finally have paperback copies of The Incubus and The Angel!
__ The Prince’s Boy v 1 (alas, v 2 will not reach me in time for Con.txt)
__ The Siren & The Sword (Magic U book 1)
__ The Tower & the Tears (Magic U book 2)
__ The Incubus & The Angel (Magic U book 3)
__ The Velderet
__ Mind Games

Hogwarts Alumni Party: Wiscon Rendition

Wow, that was fun, and very different from the last one of these parties I threw (at Arisia in January). This time I am at Wiscon, the Feminist Science Fiction Convention in Madison, WI. Here’s how the party went!

I decorated with some fun fabrics I had at home, one which is very ravenclaw (and added my scarf): Continue reading