My HDS Beltane fic revealed! PROPHECY FULFILLED for Starduchess

I was in the very first HDS Beltane fest nine years ago, so when I heard this year would be the last round of the fest, I decided I had to jump in one more time. Here’s the fic I wrote!

Title: Prophecy Fulfilled
To: starduchess
Author: ravenna_c_tan
Pairing/Threesome: Snape/Draco, Harry/Draco, Snape/Harry/Draco
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: *Violent sex, erotic abuse of Unforgivable curses*
Story notes: My but there’s a lot of sex in here.
Word count: 7,900

Summary: Our story begins with Severus and Draco’s flight from Hogwarts after the death of Dumbledore. This time Severus brings Draco into the plot to aid Potter’s cause, and this time Dumbledore’s naive ideals about innocence will not hold them back from their goal to vanquish the Dark Lord. What does it take to cast an Unforgivable, truly?

Disclaimer: Characters are the property of JK Rowling, et al. This was created for fun, not for profit.

Author’s Note: The idea for this story came from Starduchess’s request, which included “angst, drama, hurt/comfort, mystery, horror, action/adventure; special or powerful magics… magical AUs (find a different way of killing Voldemort!) or post-war Harry as Master of Death.” Which led me to the idea that the only way for the Unforgivables to be properly cast is for the caster to have lost their innocence. Severus and Draco will make sure Harry’s innocence is rather thoroughly debauched. (Also, this story fulfills the prompt “a broken circle” in the 7 Spells fest!) Thanks C, for the beta-read!

Link to the fest fic: