Dozen Best Things That Happened At MISTI-Con

I find I’m too tired tonight to write a long screed. MISTI-Con was fantastic and I decided to boil it down to my favorite moments, in no particular order:

  • That moment when Voldemort and a procession of Death Eaters entered the Masquerade Ball… and 50 or 60 people all drew their wands spontaneously from their dress robes, ball gowns, costumes, etc. (I’ll be looking for my wand for a few days post-con, the way you look for your glasses while wearing contacts…)
  • The fact that Voldemort was there to have the equivalent of a “first dance” with… Harry Potter. (Grin. Welcome to the new age of magical cooperation!)
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  • MISTI-Con Day Four

    Wow. What an amazing con this has been. I’m crying as I write this because I’m back in my room after the masquerade ball and I’m suddenly struck with the fear that this will be the last “real” Harry Potter con. I’m probably being silly, because this one was by all accounts so fantastic, so successful, so creative… why wouldn’t there be more? I don’t want all there to be left is massive celebrity cons like Leaky.

    MISTI-Con was a bit like Burning Man–everyone here was a participant, really, there was no major division between “audience” and speakers/teachers/performers. Everyone was here to be here with each other.

    Before I get into details, here are links to two photosets of Ball Costumes:

    Set #1 and Set #2.

    I started the day with a good breakfast at the Union Diner, which is right across the highway from the resort and which gives a “Wizard Discount” of 10% off. No, really, it said right on the receipt “Wizard Discount.” Yes, I went in full robes.

    Oh God. That sad moment when you pack your wand away at the end of a con. It’s coming too fast. I don’t want it to end.

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    MISTI-Con Day Three

    I’ve never had so many costume changes in one day at a con before.

    I started the day dressed as Draco. I haven’t done the full on student Draco cosplay, wig and all, since the night of the release party of Book 7, when I appeared as a witness in the Trial of Severus Snape. My face is older-looking than it was then, and I’ve put on weight, so I can’t quite pass as a 16-year-old boy anymore. (I did still manage to get a few doubletakes from friends who took a while to recognize me.)

    Oh, Tumblr Photoset of just a smattering from today is here: My favorite is Fawkes the Phoenix photobombing a portrait (Josee LeBlanc and Meka).

    I decided to do Draco so I could present Leanna Renee Hieber with a gift. She arranged all the literary guest programming and I wanted to thank her, so I did a piece of calligraphy art that is meant to look like something Draco would have given to his mother after practicing his quill work. I doubt the Malfoy’s have a refrigerator to magnet it to, but you get the idea.

    I forgot to take a photo of the piece, but it says “Sanguis Supra Omnia”, which means “Blood above all.” In my Malfoy family imagination, Lucius taught this motto to Draco meaning “blood purity equals superiority,” but I have little doubt that Narcissa would teach a different interpretation: “Family first.” Continue reading

    Day Two of MISTI-Con

    Second day of MISTI-Con almost over! Last thing on the agenda today is “hang out” which I’ll go to do as soon as I finish posting.

    Just got back from the Crafte Faire/Author’s Alley, which worked out very nicely. I caught up with lots of people who passed by my table! This is the big advantage of being tied to one spot for three hours: anyone who needed to find me, could. Saw Nic , Lynn, and many others. However it meant I didn’t get around to see all the other crafts! (I did sneak out to at least chat with Logospilgrim , Rachel, Fox, and a few others.)

    I put up a photoset on Tumblr of more decorations from today, including the Ministry bulletin board.

    I wanted very much to catch the gender cosplay workshop being put on by Droxy but I thought it started at three… and it ended at three. Whoops.
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