FanFiction Documentary Film!

So… filmmaker Hansi Oppenheimer, the creator of the Replacements fan documentary Color Me Obsessed, is now working on another fan-energy based documentary, this one on fan fiction and fanworks.

Hansi will be in Cambridge, MA this coming Saturday May 19 to film interviews with fanfiction writers and other fan artists. I’ve offered her my living room as a location for the filming, so if you’re interested in being interviewed, contact her to set up a time slot! Email her at 

She’ll be interviewing Flourish Klink (Ascendio’s Minister of Magic) and me and hopefully lots of other folks. I live between Porter Square and Harvard Square and am easy to get to. If you get an interview slot and need directions to get here, email me at ravenna_c_tan (at) and I’ll send them.

Hansi is also launching an IndieGoGo fundraising campaign to get to Ascendio in Orlando in July and film interviews there, too. She’s trying to raise $1,800 by June 22. If you want your name listed in the credits of the film or to order a DVD, here’s the link!