Hogwarts Alumni REunion: CON.txt edition

I was a dork and didn’t take photos of anything at this Hogwarts Alumni party, so no picspam this time! I really decorated a lot. CON.txt being a slash con I put up more fan art on the walls than usual and allowed people to take the art at the end of the party if they liked!

As with the previous renditions of this party at Wiscon and Arisia, I had a slashy fanart slideshow showing on one wall, we had Bertie Bott’s Beans (but not the truly icky flavors), edible wands (Pocky), and butterbeer. I also did the thing of transforming the full length mirror into the Mirror of Erised and asked people to write on it what they saw in it.

Some of this time’s answers:
“Warm socks!”
“Knight of Faith finished!” (this was written in mirrored handwriting)
“Me with a job I actually like.” (ditto)
“me! without a headache!”
“Freedom from mandatory gender!”
“I see I have finished my novel on time!”

I didn’t end up making it to any panels today, instead having many long conversations with people in the Con Sweet mostly at my vendor table but some at the social tables. Breakfast was awesome again (eggs and bacon and sausage this time, plus all the things from the day before) and I put a bid in on a piece in the art auction (sorry, Alan! didn’t know it was you I was outbidding!) and I also picked up a graphic novel of all Asian American comics from the orphan table, for which I added a donation to the donation box.

And I did some tarot readings, some at my table, and some during the Potter party, which is always always fun.

And the Vid Show rocked. As usual. I always get intrigued by new fandoms by these vids. Queen of Swords? Why have I not heard of this show? My favorite of the whole bunch (and many other people’s judging by the cheers) was one that melded (haha) the Trek reboot with old Trek. Kirk/Spock reboot FTW.

Tomorrow I’m only here long enough to see if I won anything in the raffle, pack my books, and then it’s off to see the Nationals take on the Slytherins… I mean, the New York Yankees. My other fandom, yessss. Good night, now, it’s nearly 3am and breakfast is at 9am! Gack!

CON.txt mid-con report

It’s midday on Saturday as I type this and I have a quiet moment to jot down some notes from CON.txt (the slash convention going on in Silver Spring, MD this weekend). Lots of folks I know from LJ here, including BethBethBeth , Meri_Oddities , Justacat , to name just a small few.

Yesterday I got up bright and early. The concom here are smart and entice the night owls like me to crawl out of our caves by offering FOOD. The morning began with bagels and oatmeal and tea and danishes and fruit… and Fandom Bingo. Upon picking up your badge, you see, they hand you a Bingo card in which the squares have things like “Sherlock writer,” and “First fandom: Potter” and “Can write computer code.” Then one has to go around asking people if they can fill in any of your squares. It’s an easy ice breaker and a quick way to find out who has written tentacle porn. (*raises hand*)

After that there was the Con.txt Context talk, the “introduction” to the con. The main room of the con has the dealers along the edge and tables for socializing and snacking and crafting in the middle. The art show and raffle were set up, and an “orphan” table. And then panels began. Continue reading

Who’s coming to CON.txt this weekend?

Hey there! Here’s a heads up to attendees of this year’s CON.txt to note two parties I’m doing in my hotel room:

Saturday night: 10pm to 1am “Hogwarts Alumni Reunion.” We’ll have butterbeer and Bertie Botts and please wear costumes! The Party is being sponsored by Ascendio so I’ll have “Keep Calm and Carry Wands” tote bags for the first 20 to show up either in costume or carrying wands.

Friday night:
9pm to midnight: Circlet Press 20th Anniversary Party. Celebrating 20 years of publishing erotic science fiction and fantasy! We’ll be selling books down in the dealers room, but at the party I will have free copies of Best Erotic Fantasy for the first 25 attendees at the party! (It’s our anniversary, but you get the gifts.) For the aspiring writers, I’ll have calls for submissions to hand out, too.

Room number to be announced after I check in. I’ll try to post it on the con bulletin board, and Tweet it from @ceciliatan as well.

If anyone knows for sure they want certain copies of my books, let me know so I can bring enough! (Or even “maybes”) I finally have paperback copies of The Incubus and The Angel!
__ The Prince’s Boy v 1 (alas, v 2 will not reach me in time for Con.txt)
__ The Siren & The Sword (Magic U book 1)
__ The Tower & the Tears (Magic U book 2)
__ The Incubus & The Angel (Magic U book 3)
__ The Velderet
__ Mind Games