Friend me on myHogwarts … and who wants to meet up after Harry and the Potters on August 18?

So I’ve been poking around MyHogwarts a bit! I was too busy to do much in the beta so it’s pretty much all new to me.

There is a “library” where one can upload “books” — i.e. fanfics. So far I didn’t see any dire warnings about content, but to be on the safe side I put up my PG-13 Draco flashback story “Five of Swords.”

Check it out here:

My student profile & “wall” is here:

To ‘friend’ people, after you log in, you go to their profile page and hit the “add” button. At the moment there’s no function for finding friends, but they’re rolling out features bit by bit. (The fanfic uploader used to say no italics or bold–now there’s a little WYSIWIG editor installed.)

I joined the Wizarding Cities of Boston and Cambridge, but the ability to create events isn’t enabled yet, so I couldn’t create an event for Harry and the Potters on August 18th!

Sooo…. who wants to grab early dinner after the Harry and the Potters show on August 18th at Mary Chung’s? Mary’s is good, cheap, and unperturbed by large groups, whether wizards or muggles. (I will likely be in costume!)

It’s an all ages show, 1pm at the Middle East Downstairs (in Central Square, Cambridge), $10 to get in. Tickets can be purchased in advance to the show, and if I recall correctly last time Harry and the Potters played there, they sold out. Link to the buy-on-the-web site:

I figure dinner will follow… around four-thirty? Five? No idea how long the sets for Potter Puppet Pals and H&thePs will be, so that’s a guess…