Third Annual Hogwarts Alumni Reunion at Arisia

For the third year in a row I hosted a Hogwarts Alumni Reunion at Arisia on Saturday night. This year the party was not as crowded, but we still had quite a decent turnout of folks in their witch and wizard hats and school robes, and I gave out at least dozen prizes for costumes–the more elaborate the costume, the more elaborate the prize. :-) (Some photos below…)

One of the more amusing interactive elements was I asked people to write a spell, curse, or potion they had invented since their graduation from Hogwarts. (As well as “what do you see in the Mirror of Erised?”)

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Hogwarts Alumni Reunion: January 18, 2014

Yep, we’re doing it again, the Hogwarts Alumni Reunion party at Arisia, the multi-fandom sf/f con in Boston that has costumers and GLBT folk in equal measures. As a result — and because of who I know to begin with — this party tends to have a lot of slashers and costumers. Wands may be needed to enter. If you are a Muggle you may have to convince a nearby witch or wizard to help you in.

More details and RSVPs on this facebook event page:

We’re still recruiting folks to help with decorating, food/drink, cleanup, etc. If you would not mind getting a hotel room in the party block I would love to hook our rooms together if possible so we can have more space? Let me know.

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Hogwarts Alumni Party at Arisia

At 2am the last guest spontaneously left and the first, best Hogwarts Alumni Reunion Party ended.

It was one of the best parties I’ve ever thrown at a con, and I’ve thrown a lot of parties in 20+ years of going to science fiction conventions.

The plot to hold this party was hatched just ten days or so before the con, when I was miraculously moved from the waitlist into the room block (thank you Arisia staff and innkeepers! thank you thank you!). I had plans to run a party for Circlet Press on Friday night, but that meant Saturday night.. (cue “thinking music”).

I emailed some friends, posted on my LJ, and found that I wasn’t the only nut psyched to throw a Harry-Potter-themed party for adults.

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