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Ravenna C. Tan is a fannish pseudonym. It was never a secret who I was (and am…) but I started using the pseudonym originally for a number of reasons. For one, fanfic is fun and it’s meant to be fun, not work. I didn’t start writing fanfic to enhance my (already well established) pro writing career, even though it turned out to be an incredibly good way for me to pump up my muse, experiment with prose style and genres, and keep the fiction-writing flame alive when “real” writing news was depressing. Two, I was mildly worried that if the lawyers at various media properties thought I was trying to use my fanfic as a way to garner readers for my professional work, that might be considered “commercial use” and therefore sue my ass. I worry about that a lot less nowadays, but generally speaking, that’s not the purpose of my fanfic. Three, I foolishly thought I was a Ravenclaw, hence the name “Ravenna.” I have since been disabused of this notion by my Slytherin cohort and “came out” as a Slytherin. (Had to buy a new tie and everything. Merlin’s beard, people. And I suppose to be properly geekly about it, I’m technically a Slytherclaw. But that’s too geekly even for some of my HP fanatic cohort.)

Anyway, hi. I’m Ravenna C. Tan, and I’m deeply geekly about Harry Potter, and midly geekly about some other fandoms, as well. I write fanfiction, mostly of the “for adults only” variety. I also moderate some fanfic and fan art fests on livejournal/IJ/dreamwidth. I attend a fair number of Harry Potter conventions and also general science fiction/fantasy literature and fan conventions.

In my professional life I’m a writer and editor, as well as a part-time practitioner of Okazaki Restorative Therapy (a form of Asian body work that involves massage and even potions, yes, potions). I’ve been a black belt in tae kwon do since 1996, and I read Tarot cards for fun. I just recently started reading them for barter, trade, or donation at conventions, too, and discovered that’s really a blast! I will read for people real or imagined, so that could be you, or your RPG character, your novel protagonist, antagonist, love-interest, et cetera.

I wish I had the time to learn Latin properly. That’s my idea of fun. (You see why I thought I was a Ravenclaw all those years.)

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