Happy Birthday Severus! It’s “secret Snape” day!

Thanks to the genius of Pennswoods on LJ , a bunch of us are celebrating Snape’s birthday with a Secret Santa sort of exchange… except it’s Secret Snape. We each put in some preferences on gifts and then received an assignment. I haven’t actually received mine yet, but I thought I’d post a photo of what I sent my recipient.

Tamela, if you haven’t got it yet, it’s coming via Priority Mail in a small box, and don’t look under the cut if you want to be surprised! If you *did* get it and you’re curious for more info… read on…

I wanted to send a set of potions bottles, but I thought just the bottles alone would be silly. But of course I didn’t want to send any dangerous potions ingredients like billywig stings or something that could leak like dragon’s blood.

So I filled them with tea. The long narrow vial has a cherry rose sencha (green tea) in it. The squarish vial with the cork stopper contains good old English Breakfast (the gift is supposed to be Snape-ish after all). And the amphora-shaped jar has a caramel brulee black tea.

I had wanted to toss in some fanfic zines as well, but she said everything had to be Safe For Work and unfortunately none of my fic is… So it’s just the tea and vials. Happy Snape’s Birthday, Tamela!

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