News about the Hogwarts Alumni Ball!

The ball committee is working hard making decorations, inventing potions–I mean, cocktail recipes–and preparing for a grand time. 

I have a bit of news to add. To encourage folks to arrive on time, we have a special gift for the first 20 to come through the door: Time Turners! Yes, now you know what happened to the Ministry supply of them. I have them. 😀

Please help us get the word out to wizarding folk everywhere to come join us! Tell your friends, post on your social media, email lists, etc! Here are the details again:

-Wizarding costume ball! All Wizarding or Magical costumes are welcomed! (I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Timelord or two visiting, as well.)

-This Sunday October 26th, 7pm to 11pm at the Elks Lodge in Central Square, Cambridge, MA. One of our committee members described the bar area there as: “Slytherin Speakeasy.” Well, okay, then!

-Tickets are $20 day of event/at door, $15 in advance online at

-There will be prizes for best costumes!

-Cash bar: only those with ID proving they are 21 or older will be allowed to drink. (18+ may attend, though!)

Please share the graphic around too!


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