MISTI-Con Pre-Reg is OPEN!

Woooo! I’ve been waiting for this day since last MISTI-Con! Seriously, I’ve been to a lot of Harry Potter conventions. I’ve been to some huge ones and some small ones and this one is just the most fun I’ve ever had at a convention. So many people are making art and participating it’s like Harry Potter Burning Man. I’ve been planning what costume(s) I’m going to make for a year already.

Their fundraiser (sorry, that Fundrazr) went live yesterday, and I quote:

“MISTI-Con is a Harry Potter fan convention designed to be a more intimate, immersive fan experience. It will focus on the talent, art and achievements of the members of the fandom itself, highlighting the fantastic participatory nature of the community.

The Margate provides us EXCLUSIVE use of their hotel. All the hotel rooms and conference halls will be for MISTI-Con’s use, and the full hotel has been reserved for MISTI-Con attendees. The hotel facilities will also include a huge outdoor events tent that will house the larger convention programming. Most wonderful of all, the Margate allows MISTI-Con to extensively decorate as much of the hotel as possible, creating the immersive environment that is part of our larger goal.”

To pre-register or donate to the fundraiser for very cool fannish perks, click here: https://fundrazr.com/campaigns/cjnC2/sh/73CHe8

or visit www.misti-con.org for updates and more information about the convention, which will be Memorial Day Weekend 2015 (May 21-25).

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