Third Annual Hogwarts Alumni Reunion at Arisia

For the third year in a row I hosted a Hogwarts Alumni Reunion at Arisia on Saturday night. This year the party was not as crowded, but we still had quite a decent turnout of folks in their witch and wizard hats and school robes, and I gave out at least dozen prizes for costumes–the more elaborate the costume, the more elaborate the prize. :-) (Some photos below…)

One of the more amusing interactive elements was I asked people to write a spell, curse, or potion they had invented since their graduation from Hogwarts. (As well as “what do you see in the Mirror of Erised?”)

Here’s the list of spells, curses, and potions:

Salve of energy reversal: reverses potential & kinetic energy on whatever it gets on
Dangerous Beauty: one kiss can kill
Globoputrido: rots your enemy’s balls off
Vera specu: enemies see themselves as they really are
Glucoseio: turns anything into candy
Accio knickers (when we argued this wasn’t a “new” spell, the fellow who wrote it replied, “But it’s a useful one.”)
“Oh Snap!”–causes enemies to be embarrassed by nothing at all
Ronicus Explodicus–explodes Ron’s head
Asparagus! makes urine smell bad
Ejaculatus: causes male enemies to be rendered… well… helpless
Memorandum: so I don’t forget all the things I need to do today
“Ut dilectum sine timore complectar, ne hacnote concipiam.” (“That I may embrace my beloved without fear, let me not conceive tonight.”) (someone wrote the following comment on the above incantation: “Handy”)
Lithiumo Restoreo — instantly recharges cellphone
Kiltorum: turns pants into kilts
Gluteus Minimum: makes your butt smaller
Placebo: actually doesn’t do anything

And one poor soul wrote “Reparatus Bri” but the ink gets faint and then they wrote no more. We don’t know if they got hexed partway through, or what.

There’s also one I can’t quite read, that might say “ohvah merta: oh god for what I will do”?

As for what people saw in the Mirror of Erised:
-my website diary is read by everyone
-I have finished my fucking book
-a better place to live
-a cotton hammock
-Me standing on Evan’s corpse
-A dead Neil (these two were then connected by a bracket that said True Love)
-More rocket fuel
-I sell my book
-My home that I love and that’s mine for life!
-ROom to play, minus cat pee.
-I am doing more of what I like.
-Your mother.
-A nice pair of socks.
-(in backwards writing):My published book becomes a movie! Yay! Woo! Hoo!
-(in backwards writing):A backwards T-shirt
-They all listen to me!
-A completed Season 1 of my first SF series (signed “Grace”)
-The Dark Lord (signed “Bella”)
-A written screenplay
-A Clean apartment
-(next one pointed to the clean apartment and wrote “oh. that. and it being two bedroom with a balcony)
-My parents alive and a kid not named something ridiculous. (Signed “Harry Potter”)

Alyse made these Monster Book of Monsters as costume prizes!

Evan Rosier, in quidditch sweater & prefect badge, with the Monster Book of Monsters.

David made these very gooey brownies. Pretty good potions work from a Gryffindor.

James also baked mini spice cakes and Alyse made pumpkin muffins.

The one food snafu was that we ran out of butterbeer by 10pm. Perhaps I was serving it a bit too zealously.

These weren't the really weird flavors (sardine, soap), just the mixture that included popcorn, coconut, and cinnamon along with the various fruit flavors.

Garlic wands this time!

I guess technically these are "turtles" not "frogs." Is that a US versus UK difference?

First house to have critical mass in school colors: Hufflepuff!

Not surprisingly, there were a lot of Slytherins in attendance. I'm in my brand new "gaming robe" (quidditch robe) from the Whimsic Alley clearance sale.

One more of the Slytherins, because Slytherins.

See you all next year!

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