Dozen Best Things That Happened At MISTI-Con

I find I’m too tired tonight to write a long screed. MISTI-Con was fantastic and I decided to boil it down to my favorite moments, in no particular order:

  • That moment when Voldemort and a procession of Death Eaters entered the Masquerade Ball… and 50 or 60 people all drew their wands spontaneously from their dress robes, ball gowns, costumes, etc. (I’ll be looking for my wand for a few days post-con, the way you look for your glasses while wearing contacts…)

  • The fact that Voldemort was there to have the equivalent of a “first dance” with… Harry Potter. (Grin. Welcome to the new age of magical cooperation!)

  • Deep deconstruction of Snape’s death scene in the books versus the movies… at the Snape Girls Pajama Party.

  • Astonishment and wonder at the fantastic Fountain of Magical Cooperation. (And then repeated astonishment at the many other fabulous props and set dressing throughout the entire weekend.)

  • Cosplaying as Draco for the first time in years. (I was rusty. If I’m going to do him again I need to practice!)

  • Butterbeer.

  • The fantastic slate of Literary Guests I had the privilege to be on stage with: Leanna Renee Hieber, Alethea Kontis, Zoraida Cordova, and Amanda Havard. All sharply intelligent storytellers who also happened to be beautiful women.

  • Lorrie Kim’s incredible talk, which had many wonderful threads in it, but the one that has wrapped around my finger was the discussion of the parallel between Draco and Harry who BOTH use expelliarmus in moments crucial to the plot, and who were both taught the charm by Snape in the dueling club… (More on this later probably, when I can think again…)

  • Fomenting the crowd to intense boos in my Yankees Quidditch uniform during the Costuming Showcase. (Please tell me someone has video and photos of my turn on the stage? Pretty please?)

  • “Wizard discount.” Yussss.

  • Making someone squee by phone. I was autographing books in the Craft Faire when three fans dressed as the Marauders came up to the table. One of them said their mom was a fan of mine and they wanted to buy her a book but didn’t know what she already had. A phone call to another friend ensued, who got mom on the phone, who then talked to me about what she had read and liked, and who then apparently squeed like a wonderfully squeeing fangirl once I was off the phone. :-) She’ll be getting the Magic University books!

  • Plot bunny! Piper was dressed as a Muse (as I believe the Fat Lady is in her painting… though Piper is much more svelte than she) and handing out Plot Bunnies. No really, little stuffed rabbits. However this got one to bite me: a Draco/Hermione idea post-war in which she’s a healer and he’s still having PTSD flashbacks… Hm. But when will I have time to write it?

  • Hot tubs are magic.

  • The Snarry Suite being the place to go for both vegetables AND a dose of smutty fanart.

  • Rainbow over the parking lot.

  • That moment when you realize your bartender is crazy. Our kind of crazy.

    Meanwhile, the list of things that could have been better is very short:

    *It got too dark at the Crafte Faire after sundown. We were stumbling around for close to an hour with flashlights. That really did NOT work for anyone. The tent worked well as a Craft Faire venue for the first two hours, though. Either come up with a way to light it or move it earlier in the day.

    *The ball being cut somewhat short by the Sunday night noise ordinance. Every minute of the ball was pretty much perfect, but there could have been more, much more! Not sure how to overcome that other than perhaps to move the party into the function rooms downstairs after that? (Difficult to do with all the props and setups, though.) Perhaps split into karaoke here, wrock there, etc?

    *Seeming lack of slashy programming. I’m assuming that’s because we slashers didn’t submit anything. If I have to be the one to submit something next time, I will! :-)

    *The con needs a fan art gallery. Not sure exactly where to put it, and I know attempts were made to get one together. Someone with connections in the fanart community needs to organize it, I think, to get it to really work.

    While I’m making lists of things, here’s a list of things I might want to do for the next one!

  • Organize an actual drabble/drawble circle to be in the official schedule.

  • Do that Snape costume I’ve been planning for so very long.

  • Organize a Tarot readers meetup.

  • Do that Slytherin!Harry costume I’ve been meaning to for so long!

  • Organize a Calligraphers Meetup.

  • Do that Lucius Malfoy costume I’ve been meaning to do…. (oh yes).

  • Organize a tea-lovers meetup or a tea-tasting party in my room.

    OK, got to get some sleep now! The next MISTI-Con will officially be in 2015, they announced today at breakfast. Can’t wait! Meanwhile, I still have to upload the majority of my photos, waiting for the MISTI flickr feed, and seriously, anyone with pictures of me, feel free to tag me in them and send me copies!

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