MISTI-Con Day Three

I’ve never had so many costume changes in one day at a con before.

I started the day dressed as Draco. I haven’t done the full on student Draco cosplay, wig and all, since the night of the release party of Book 7, when I appeared as a witness in the Trial of Severus Snape. My face is older-looking than it was then, and I’ve put on weight, so I can’t quite pass as a 16-year-old boy anymore. (I did still manage to get a few doubletakes from friends who took a while to recognize me.)

Oh, Tumblr Photoset of just a smattering from today is here: http://tmblr.co/ZkkBQxknRfA4. My favorite is Fawkes the Phoenix photobombing a portrait (Josee LeBlanc and Meka).

I decided to do Draco so I could present Leanna Renee Hieber with a gift. She arranged all the literary guest programming and I wanted to thank her, so I did a piece of calligraphy art that is meant to look like something Draco would have given to his mother after practicing his quill work. I doubt the Malfoy’s have a refrigerator to magnet it to, but you get the idea.

I forgot to take a photo of the piece, but it says “Sanguis Supra Omnia”, which means “Blood above all.” In my Malfoy family imagination, Lucius taught this motto to Draco meaning “blood purity equals superiority,” but I have little doubt that Narcissa would teach a different interpretation: “Family first.”

I did it with the magic ink effect so that some red “bled” into the first word, while the rest appears black.

First panel of the day was MEET THE AUTHORS, and all five of us (Leanna, me, Alethea Kontis, Zoraida Cordova, and Amanda Havard) spoke on it. Such a great group of writers, sharp, funny, talented. I want to read ALL their books now. After that came Fantasy World Building, and then all of us did a sort of “ninja” gig, where we all read enticing snippets from our fiction in the lobby to a crowd of admirers sitting about on the couches and things. That worked out well.

At that point I went up to the Common Room to do some shopping at the vendors and ran into Perseus. Me being dressed as Draco we hadn’t been talking for two minutes before someone wanted to take a Malfoy family photo. A few minutes later Narcissa jumped in also. Then Bellatrix came along… You get the idea. It was fun and someone had better send me some copies of the photos!

I did eventually get to my shopping though, and bought a bathrobe with the Hogwarts crest on it.

Last literary panel of the day was SO YOU WANNA BE A WRITER? After that, I rushed to get my costume together for the Superlative Costuming Showcase. The rain had started coming down by that point, so it was a bit of a trick getting it all into the dressing room tent behind the main event tent.

The only drawback to being in the show was that I didn’t get to see anyone who went on before me. But I did my New York Yankees Quidditch robes, this time complete with blue-LED laden broom, and gloried in the boos from the New England crowd, muauahahaha. You see, no one really boos Slytherins anymore, and even the Death Eaters got only a smattering of obligatory boos, but the Yankees are the Slytherins of baseball and this is Red Sox/Grffindor country, for sure. Oh that was great fun. Please please someone tell me there is video and photos of it?

After the show I hung around in the bar, various people wanted to take pictures of me or with me, and then I got out my Tarot cards and did a few readings.

Then it was time for change of clothes No. 3, as I changed into my Pool Party outfit (just a bathing suit with school robes over it). For me it was a hot tub party since I felt the water too cold in the actual pool, plus too many people were in there batting around balls and such.

Hot tubs are magic, though. Seriously.

Then costume change No. 4, as I got into my flannel pajamas and my new Hogwarts crest bathrobe, to go to the Snape Girls Pajama Party. About 7-8 women were already sitting in a circle when I got there, and then we were up to about a dozen within a few more minutes. We ended up getting very deep, going into various interpretations of the literary canon, and deconstructing the films. Wow. Not bad for a midnight gathering. You see why I thought I was a Ravenclaw for so many years.

And then I was sleepy so I came back here and wrote this journal entry.

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