Day Two of MISTI-Con

Second day of MISTI-Con almost over! Last thing on the agenda today is “hang out” which I’ll go to do as soon as I finish posting.

Just got back from the Crafte Faire/Author’s Alley, which worked out very nicely. I caught up with lots of people who passed by my table! This is the big advantage of being tied to one spot for three hours: anyone who needed to find me, could. Saw Nic , Lynn, and many others. However it meant I didn’t get around to see all the other crafts! (I did sneak out to at least chat with Logospilgrim , Rachel, Fox, and a few others.)

I put up a photoset on Tumblr of more decorations from today, including the Ministry bulletin board.

I wanted very much to catch the gender cosplay workshop being put on by Droxy but I thought it started at three… and it ended at three. Whoops.

At least I was on time to my own reading, and caught most of Alethea Kontis’s, which was darling. She’s a very good reader. The story had a “man enchanted as a frog” theme and she did a very good “froggy” voice. It’s always wonderful to hear someone read their fiction who can really do something with it other than just “read aloud.”

And thank goodness for Melissa , who somehow divined from looking at my schedule that I was likely to skip eating (again) and so invited me to grab dinner in the 5-6pm slot between the end of my reading and the crafte faire. We got fried chicken and salad bar and such from the grocery across the street and ate it in the lobby while discussing the psychology of werewolf fiction.

I had also been interested in a Tarot talk first thing in the morning, but I decided sleep was needed more. And I got some writing done before I got costumed up and went out.

Tomorrow is the busy busy busy schedule. I’m planning a Draco cosplay for the morning since I am on several panels with Leanna Renee Hieber, which is the Muggle pen name of none other than Narcissa Malfoy, of course. (Draco has a gift for his mum I’m planning to present…). We’re on Meet the Authors at 10am, and Fantasy World Building at 11, then at 4pm So You Wanna Be a Writer? after which comes rehearsal time for the Superlative Costuming Showcase, which I will be in (not as Draco, though…!)

So I should not stay out late drinking with my slash-loving friends. Right. We’ll see if that plan works…

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