The decorations and art at MISTI-Con are completely AMAZING! The Fountain of Magical Cooperation has been created in the lobby, the hallway by the restaurant has been made into a museum of magical history, tons of details like Ministry office signs on the doors, etc etc etc… We haven’t even seen a fraction of it yet since the function rooms weren’t open tonight!

I posted a photo set to Tumblr, but the Wifi here is pretty slow so I’m having trouble uploading to my blogs/LJ/DW at the moment. You an see the photos so far here:

Have been running into lots and lots of folks, of course, too many to name in full, but Rose bought me a drink at the opening gala, caught up a bit with Melissa Aaron , introduced Fox Estacado and her friend Chris to the art of Remedios Varo (Google “Remedios Varo” to see some incredible images by a woman surrealist), chit chatted with Rachel (in what I can only describe as a “green trash” outfit… uh, hard to explain… think Slytherin baseball cap and beer was an important prop…), saw Alyse and Dave, watched Debi B. nail a tricky song at karaoke, hugged Krista , and of course Carole who went with me to the New Hampshire State Liquor Store on the drive up… !

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  11. These are incredible, some of the most creative art I’ve seen. I will be sure to show these to more people. Also on a side note some of the titles were the same as a couple tool songs. Maybe coincidence maybe not.

  12. OMG the first image has my heart. Open to the outdoors is perfect! Now that is an office I could get some work done in. I think I would have a better quality of work and feel happier. If only….one day when I grow up :)xo

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  14. What a beautiful legacy, Lisa! And to know you are providing this stability for your OWN family, now…..What a privilege. Joy to your world in these days, dear sister! May Christ be exalted in our plans, prep, and "parties"!

  15. SÃ¥ sÃ¥ smÃ¥ slag! Nu er sjuft ikke en betegnelse jeg vil hæfte pÃ¥ dig!! Ork ja I remember! Vi er hjemme pÃ¥ “Le Ø” nu!Der stÃ¥r sikkert lidt rundt omkring – ellers mÃ¥ du spørge!

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