Stillll packing…. (plus my MISTI-Con schedule)

I’m going to be a busy busy bee at Misti-Con, between what I’m speaking on and what I want to go see and do! Plus there needs to be time for hanging out in the Common Room, too!

A reminder to all: I do tarot readings for both real and imaginary people. So whether it’s for yourself, an RP character, or a character in your novel, the cards work just the same. :-) I barter, there’s no set “rate,” it’s really whatever you want to trade me or give me, and that includes smiles, hugs, Amazon reviews, cookies, etc… I don’t have a set time to do it, but usually just set up with my cards in the Common Room at random times. I will even use YOUR deck if you like. (I’m a daredevil that way.)

Also, I will have books with me to sell in Author’s Alley (the Craft Faire), but only a few copies of each. If there’s something you know you might want, ping me so I’ll know to pack an extra copy. Deets and schedule below the cut! In addition to my own books (The Prince’s Boy, the Magic U books, and Daron’s Guitar Chronicles) I’ll have the Circlet Press books:
SIMULACRUM by Rian Darcy ,
ONE SAVED TO THE SEA by Catt Kingsgrave ,
FAEWOLF by DM Atkins , and

Here’s my schedule of literary guestiness:

Friday 4:20 to 4:50 Literary Reading (Gunstock Room)
I haven’t decided what to read from yet. Suggestions welcome.

Friday 6-9pm
Author’s Alley and Crafte Faire (Tent)
I’ll have books for sale and maybe do Tarot readings there also

Saturday 10am (Gunstock Room)
Meet the Authors Panel
Zoraida Córdova, Amanda Havard, Leanna Renee Hieber, Alethea Kontis, Cecilia Tan
Meet your MISTI-Con Literary Guests! We’ll share the story of our rise to publication, why we write, relationships to fantasy, magic and fandom, a bit about what makes us tick as artists and fans. (Please note, the bulk of the industry, craft and advice discussion will be saved for the “So You Want to Be a Writer? panel).

Saturday 11am (Gunstock Room)
Fantasy World Building
panel with me and Leanna Renee Hieber
Our adult Fantasy authors talk about what formed them in the genre, why they write for adults, trends in the industry and current culture. What separates this as a genre, when long ago there was no “Young Adult” shelf to separate out the Fantasy books as a whole? What freedoms and what restrictions does this genre face and where would our Authors and audience like it to go?

Saturday 4pm-5pm
So You Want to Be a Writer?
panel with Zoraida Córdova, Amanda Havard, Leanna Renee Hieber, Alethea Kontis, Cecilia Tan
There’s no silver bullet to publishing and succeeding, but our multi-published and award winning writers will answer your questions, tell you tales of sorrow and success, deal with some industry nitty-gritty, discuss traditional New York House publishing, small press publishing and everything in between.

Saturday 7pm (Tent)
The Superlative Costuming Showcase
(I’ll be showing off the quidditch robes I’ve been going on about…)

Sunday 4-5pm
Autographing Session (all Literary Guests)

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