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It appears in the post-Ascendio blues, droves of people are making their reservations at The Margate for MISTI-Con next year (May 9-13) and buying their MISTI-Con registrations. There’s a TON of chatter about it in the Ascendio Facebook group here:

And now MISTI-Con itself has a Page for official announcements and a Group where much chit-chat about con plans is going on! ( Last I looked, two notorious Voldemort and Remus cosplayers had challenged each other to a duel cross-dressed as Bellatrix and Tonks. Yes, I am expecting this to be an epic con.

But more about ASCENDIO. I’ve been reading LOTS and lots of people’s post-con reports, and digging up more photos, and really enjoying seeing everyone’s takes on the event.

Meanwhile, I completely forgot to write about the one truly prized possession I came home with!! It’s an original piece of art from Oldenuf whose Harry/Draco art has had me squeeing for YEARS. We got talking at the HD Meetup, where several of us were drooling over her portfolio. Turned out that she was wanting some of my books, so we made a trade of our mutual lusts. :-)

Look under the cut for photos of the art and more!

Here’s the gorgeous Harry/Draco art. I walked in to unpack and just luckily had picked up the perfect frame for it at Good Will last week!

Here’s the full view of it on my calligraphy writing desk! So gorgeous. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Oldenuf, for the art, and for hanging out at the con.

Some from the HPEF Flickr stream:

At the post-con volunteer “thank you” dessert reception:

Volunteers reception, group photo:
(What a bunch of happy but tired people!)

By the way, if you have photos from the con, add them on Flickr to the following group:

Here’s one of me speaking with Lev Grossman on the subject of Schools of Magic. The answers to the quiz I posted last week, by the way, are below…

(The woman right in front with the camera is Hansi Oppenheimer of Troubled Girl Films, who is doing a documentary on fan fiction. Photo by Jenna!)

Here’s one of me and David inside Filch’s Emporium, both in our quidditch costumes. Photo by Alice, his wife.

And here we are mugging for the camera with the conductor of the Hogwarts Express! (Another one from Alyse’s camera.)

And finally, one David took of me and Francie on our way to the Manor Ball:

Quiz answers:
Which of the following subjects is not taught at Brakebills (Lev Grossman, The Magicians)?
B. Necromancy

On Roke Island, where the wizards of Earthsea are educated (Ursula K. LeGuin, A Wizard of Earthsea), which of the following is not one of the Nine Masters?
D. Master Wand teaches transformation.

At Hogwarts, which of the following spells would reveal invisible ink?
B. Aparecium

At Veritas, the magical university hidden in the Harvard campus (Cecilia Tan, The Siren and the Sword), which of the following is considered a magical subject of study?
C. Poetry

If you should cast “Tergeo” at a pool of spilled ink in the library, which of the following would happen?
C. The ink would be cleaned up.

At Carthak University (Tamora Pierce), they teach many subjects other than magic, including the noble arts. Which of the following is not a noble art?
A. Music

Which of the following magical schools does not feature moving portraits?
B. Groosham Grange

At Greenlaw College (Caroline Stevermer, A College of Magics), which of the following subjects is not taught?
A. Engineering

Which of the following ingredients should you not put into your Boil Cure Potion in potions class at Hogwarts?
B. Hellebore

Which of the following transfigurations would be easiest to accomplish, according to the transfiguration curriculum taught at Hogwarts?
C. Beetles into buttons

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