Making a costume for Ascendio…

Some of you have seen me post or heard me talk about the costume I’ve been wanting to make to wear at Night of a Thousand Wizards at Ascendio. Well, the con is coming up in *mumble* weeks, so I have to really get on the stick.

The costume is meant to be appropriate for hot weather: so it’s a “summer” Quidditch outfit. That mostly means the sleeves on the robe are going to be a bit shorter than I’d usually do.

The other thing that’s summery about it is I decided to make it a New York Yankees quidditch outfit. Because I thought it would be fun to combine my fandoms. And you know the Yankees are completely the Slytherins of baseball. (Everyone loves to hate us, but we’re clearly the most ambitious and best…)

So I’m sitting down at the sewing machine tonight (while listening to the Yankees/Mets game on the Internet radio…), right after I post this. Below, some of my preliminary sketches of the costume. I can’t draw for beans, so apologies they’re not beautiful. :-)

The main question I still had hanging last night was what to do for footwear. Boots? Sneakers? Athletic shoes of some kind like boxing shoes? The predominant color of the costume is WHITE (with thin, navy blue pinstripes). So the shoes ought to be white, I think. White Chuck Taylors?

I came across these white Doc Martens on Amazon last night, though, so I ordered them. Not completely sure they’re the right thing, but they might be! I figure I’ll see how it looks after they arrive. I might wait to make the shin guards until after I try the boots on. Suggestions welcome!

The other thing I’m not sure what to do about accessories. I want to have a broom but can’t fit one on the plane. Oh and I’m still deciding if the wand holder should be part of a forearm guard or shin guard. I might put BOTH in so that I can shift it depending.

OK, images below the cut!

I’ve purchased logo insignia patches to attach once they come in the mail, as well as a white sports bra and white bike shorts to wear underneath. It might not be a bad idea to try navy blue bike shorts instead, though?

I bought some silver fancy-looking hook clasps to hook the robe closed instead of fussing with eyelets and lacing. I hope they work/stay closed. I can always velcro if needed… but I’d like them to actually be functional.

The forearm guard I think I have a clever way to do so that the straps don’t need buckles or a lot of extra length. I’m making them for MY arms so they don’t need to be adjustable exactly, so I think I can size them right so that the closure is velcro and is hidden “inside” one edge of the thing. I can’t explain it well, but when it’s done I’ll post pictures.

I mail ordered some quidditch goggles, but I wish I could find a white pair. There is a company that makes steampunk goggles out there that has white but they were too expensive for a costume piece like this. (The Doc Martens, if I end up wearing them, will be the single most expensive part at $65. That’s more than the total cost of all the fabric, fasteners, and stuff I bought to make it with!)

Speaking of the Doc Marten’s, it’s these, on sale for $65.

Winterizing the costume:
(Added…) I figure if I ever need to winterize it, under the robe I can put on white baseball pants (polyester double knits) and wear a white turtleneck, and add a white cape over the whole thing. I already have a cape that would work, a vintage nurse’s cape that I have often used as a piece of sci-fi costuming. It would need a new button but that wouldn’t be hard to do.

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  5. Dear Becky,how lovely! What a great makeover. It's incredible what a coat of paint (and a bit of creativity) can do! Your creations are enchanting, I really love your touch!Thank you so very much for the delightful words you always leave me… and SO glad you are well and enjoying eating again.Take care, and hugs,Monica xo

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