Who’s coming to CON.txt this weekend?

Hey there! Here’s a heads up to attendees of this year’s CON.txt to note two parties I’m doing in my hotel room:

Saturday night: 10pm to 1am “Hogwarts Alumni Reunion.” We’ll have butterbeer and Bertie Botts and please wear costumes! The Party is being sponsored by Ascendio so I’ll have “Keep Calm and Carry Wands” tote bags for the first 20 to show up either in costume or carrying wands.

Friday night:
9pm to midnight: Circlet Press 20th Anniversary Party. Celebrating 20 years of publishing erotic science fiction and fantasy! We’ll be selling books down in the dealers room, but at the party I will have free copies of Best Erotic Fantasy for the first 25 attendees at the party! (It’s our anniversary, but you get the gifts.) For the aspiring writers, I’ll have calls for submissions to hand out, too.

Room number to be announced after I check in. I’ll try to post it on the con bulletin board, and Tweet it from @ceciliatan as well.

If anyone knows for sure they want certain copies of my books, let me know so I can bring enough! (Or even “maybes”) I finally have paperback copies of The Incubus and The Angel!
__ The Prince’s Boy v 1 (alas, v 2 will not reach me in time for Con.txt)
__ The Siren & The Sword (Magic U book 1)
__ The Tower & the Tears (Magic U book 2)
__ The Incubus & The Angel (Magic U book 3)
__ The Velderet
__ Mind Games

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