Hogwarts Alumni Party: Wiscon Rendition

Wow, that was fun, and very different from the last one of these parties I threw (at Arisia in January). This time I am at Wiscon, the Feminist Science Fiction Convention in Madison, WI. Here’s how the party went!

I decorated with some fun fabrics I had at home, one which is very ravenclaw (and added my scarf):

This time I gave out Ascendio tote bags only to those in costume or carrying wands. I am happy to report there were some lovely costumes (and wands) and I took a few photos of two of our best costume winners:

(You can see an “invisibility cloak” inactive hanging in the background below, too…)

One won the Magical Flowering Tea (Earl Grey flavor!) and one a Remembrall.

I also put some of my calligraphy art onto the walls. Not the originals but I printed out some of the photos of the art. I meant to give some away at the end of the night but forgot to. Oops.

In the food category I bought only the “good” flavors of jelly bean, and we also had edible wands (Pocky and Piroulines), and crackers with monster cheese (muenster), as well as some Muggle foods like iced animal crackers, chips, etc.

In the drink category, as you can see from the schedule, I perfected a new Butterbeer recipe.

This one has a secret ingredient that I purchased here in Madison, at Riley’s liquors not far from the hotel. I started with A&W Root Beer, added a dash of butterscotch Schnapps (aka Buttershots), and a few drops of MacGillucuddy’s Vanilla Schnapps as well. Topped with the secret ingredient, which is alcoholic, caramel-flavored canned Whipped Cream! (it apparently comes in vanilla, chocolate, and cherry flavors, too, but caramel was definitely the right thing for this recipe!) Finish with two waves of the wand and the incantation: “Vita dulce, vita sana.” (“A sweet life is a healthy life.”)

Worked like a charm. The bathroom was the “Potions Room.” I posted the recipe on the wall so people could make their own, but mostly I made them for people.

Another fun thing I did was a turned the full length mirror in the room into the Mirror of Erised, with a sign and some ribbons. I taped some paper alongside it and asked people to write down what they saw was their hearts desire. Here’s what they wrote:

-I see myself younger, but with the knowledge I have now.
-Happy snuggly smoochie times.
-I see me on a private island, with my family, having fun.
-Me, next year, with my novel completed and ready to sell.
-I see a me who has set goals and achieved them.
-More giant monsters fighting tanks with legs!!!
-I see myself as happy as now when I’m home.
-Full time freelance work on a livable salary! (OMG!)
-I see more people with butch haircuts.
-I see myself confident in myself, able to attract love, complete projects, and exude joy.
-I see a world with more butter beer
-I see a world where individuals are more important than “sorting” or categories or labels.
-I see myself with Cecilia Tan! ūüėÄ

Then we had Divination. I did about 8 Tarot Card readings, which was amazingly fun. I always love that. At the party in January I never even had time to.

I expanded the slashy fanart slideshow on the wall some, to include more pairings I didn’t have before, including Snape/Lupin, and Sirius/Lupin.

There was one lovely person in a Gryffindor tie who had made their own wand (it had runes on the side and everything) but I never got to talk to her directly. I had saved an Ascendio tote bag for her. Perhaps I’ll recognize her tomorrow…

And a balloon artist came! And made us versions of FLuffy (three headed dog! every balloon artist can make a dog, right?) and a Norbert, breathing fire!

And with that, I must sleep! Good night and dream sweetly!

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