Teaser clip from The Fanfiction Project film (of me…)

Hansi Oppenheimer posted a teaser clip of the interview she did with me this past weekend for her documentary film on fanfic. Here it is from Youtube!

She’s trying to raise $1,800 to get to Ascendio in July to film interviews there, too, so if you want more info about the film, there’s lots of details at her IndieGogo page. (You don’t have to make a donation or order the DVD to see all the info…) Here: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/104624

13 thoughts on “Teaser clip from The Fanfiction Project film (of me…)

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  2. I was so excited to see you post again, love your blog :) I am in a similar siuottian in terms of the boredom and the job thing. Although it's not quite as pressing an issue for me since I am still fairly young…I hope things start looking up though! Emilie

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  10. hey Shoba – very strange review in hindu. i think, even discussing it (either here or in our mind) is giving it more “bhaav” than it deserves… it deserves to be totally, totally ignored!One can easily counter many of the ällegations” Ms Roy makes – but it isnt worth any one’s time!

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