Slash cast on Sex-positivity!

If you’re not a regular listener to the Slashcast podcast devoted to slashy fanfic and related topics of interested to slash fans, you might want to give the most recent episode a listen. Instead of focusing on a specific fandom, this is the “Sex-positivity” episode.

The “Insider Interview” is with Dr. Sarah Frantz, a scholar on romance literature who talks with Emma Grant about one of my favorite subjects, BDSM in romance, and I’m the guest interview on the “Pimp My Fandom” section, but since this is a non-fandom specific segment, we’re talking about PWPs as a fanfic form.

PWP, or Porn Without Plot, or Plot? What Plot? (depending on who you ask) is of course near and dear to my heart, since I read and write fanfic for the “sexytiems” in particular.

More description and links for where to download the podcast can be found on Livejournal, here:

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