Ascendio Prep: Costume Ideas!

So, I’m going to Ascendio. (Reminder: the deadline for panel and presentation proposals is February 29! Details & discussion over here.)

I’m contemplating doing more costuming than I usually do at a con. Normally I just run around in my Hogwarts regalia, but there are two costumes in particular I’m wanting to make/put together.

One the idea was inspired by the fact that it’s going to probably be very hot in Florida in July, and for Night of a Thousand Wizards I really don’t want to be in full robes/Hogwarts regalia. What would be something special but possibly cooler?

How about I make a summer Quidditch outfit? was my first thought. Then I thought I could go one step further, and combine two of my fandoms, and make a New York Yankees Quidditch outfit? (Because, let’s face it, the Yankees are the Slytherins of the baseball world. We’re the elite, the most ambitious, we’ll do anything to win, and everyone else loves it when we lose.)

So I’m planning to make it white with blue pinstripes, unless I chicken out at the last minute and decide to try to do an Appleby Arrows design instead (light blue with a silver arrow on the robes). Any pointers to patterns and the like would be appreciated. I’ve Googled a few but haven’t started sewing yet, still in the planning stages. I’m also trying to decide what to do about a broom, or if I won’t want to be weighed down by it while walking around the park. *ponders*

The other costume I’m contemplating I’ll need the help of someone who can do a bit of theatrical makeup. I am thinking of cosplaying postwar Snape. This means I would like to have a rather large snake bite on my neck. I’ll also grey my hair–well, more than I’ve got naturally. The question is what style of robes to go for. Part of me wants to go full out and do dress robes of some kind and do this costume for the Saturday night ball. But I may already be taxing the limit of my sewing ability, and the amount of time I have. I could contemplate buying some pieces, I suppose. Recommendations, anyone, for off the rack ideas, or reliable seamstresses?

July sounds like it’s far off, but it’s really not!

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