Slashy fanfic panels and readings needed at Ascendio!

So, we’ve been getting a ton of proposals from academics and others for presentations at Ascendio, and a fair number of fannish ones, as well…

but there seems to be verrrry little slash in the mix so far? I know some of you are thinking about panels and presentations because you’ve talked to me about it in IM and at Arisia, etc… but…

THE DEADLINE FOR PRESENTATION SUBMISSIONS IS FEBRUARY 29. So please please please don’t wait, submit your proposal today! Here:

Next gen? Inter-gen? There’s one H/D proposal in so far but it needs more panelists from what I hear. Slashy workshops and presentations are also welcome. I’d love to see someone tackle teaching Writing M/M Sex For Women (someone besides me, that is)!!

ALSO, I’m arranging the fanfic readings, so do put in for a reading if you want one! I’d love to group some specific ships and ratings levels together if possible…? If a comm like Daily Deviant wants a group block, let me know!

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