Happy Birthday Professor Snape! (I got a gift!!)


I just got my Secret Snape gift and OH. MY. GOODNESS. You Guys. It is beyond wonderfulness! And yet still a secret, as there was no note or name, just a mysterious return address? I shall have to check out the squeeing post over at Pennswoods journal to find out who was the arts-and-crafts master who sent me this!

Photos and details below the cut!

It’s a familiar-looking Amazon box. What house isn’t full of these at this time of year? But it’s too light to be a book…

A quick application of the stiletto from my boot opens the packing tape. (Actually, I’m home sick today with sniffles and sore throat, so I used a butter knife.)

Ooh, something white and cloth…

It’s a tank top! A tank top that reads “I have a thing for the Potions Master”! Now, as most of you know, I live in the frozen north, and I’ve been lamenting to my friends about my lack of suitably tropical clothing to wear in July to Ascendio (at Universal Studios WWoHP). This is PERFECT!!!

Then, under the shirt, what are these? Number two pencils? Is there a potions quiz…? Oh! I see, they are Snape’s pencils! They each say “MY SNARK IS LEGEND” on them. Fabulous! I use pencil a lot, both for crosswords and for sketching out plots and brainstorming when I’m planning fic, both pro- and fan-. PERFECT.

But under the pencils, OMG, the piece de resistance. I have nowhere near this level of arts and crafts ability so this really blows me away. It’s a Snape-themed keepsake display box, entirely handmade, with little compartments for each thing!

The sides are coated with pages of the newspaper (the Prophet, I’m sure). A few of the things had fallen out of their spots when they tape/glue got cold during delivery, but once it warmed up I was able to stick everything back where it goes, because the LID COMES OFF.

NO, WAIT! IT’S NOT NEWSPAPER. IT’S PAGES OF THE DICTIONARY. I can just make out the one in the middle is, I think… imagination? And one is “memory,” another “artful.” WOW. Oh, and the sides and bottom of the box is papered with a pattern that looks like the silhouettes of bottles on a shelf!

Here’s everything restored to order:

The nine sections of the box have the following:
Top Left: A lily
Top Center: an old brass key (EDIT: It says “SECRET” on the back!)
Top right: Three tiny tiny potions bottles, one labeled Devil’s Claw, one labeled with a skull and crossbones

Center left: A locket with our dear professor’s face!
Center center: A wax seal and an illustrated label “POTIONS”
Center right: the Slytherin crest

Bottom left and center: A silver doe!! With scrabble tiles spelling out ALWAYS!
Bottom left: A teeny tiny Slytherin SCARF!!

But wait, the tiny Slytherin Scarf is a pin!! WIN!!! I’m always looking for “secret” Harry Potter symbols to wear in non-HP contexts. PERFECT!!!!!

The entire box will be a perfect decoration on my calligraphy desk, where I have all my ink wells, quills, and other such things, and which has (not surprisingly) become a spot where various Potteresque geegaws have collected. Yay!!!!

Some details:


Oh wait, oh wait, almost forgot to tell you guys one last little thing. Yes, I do wholeheartedly support the Snape/Lily canon, but you know my OTP remains Snape/Draco. Maybe my Secret Snape is blond. But stuck to the glue just under the lid of the box was one very blond hair. :-)

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