Podfic: Closure (Snarry, NC-17)

So I reposted this fic from 2008 recently, and since my previous podfic was H/D I wanted to do a different pairing. So here’s a Snarry one, and a much longer one, too! The running time on this podfic is 1:16 (one hour and sixteen minutes)

Summary: Harry is on the verge of becoming a full-fledged Auror when he learns Severus Snape is not dead, but recovering in secret in a wizarding sanitorium.

Links to the MP3 and AAC/m4a versions under the cut.

Closure, a Snape/Harry podifc written and narrated by Ravenna C. Tan

NC-17, for adults only, running time 1 hour & 16 minutes

MP3, 37 MB Click here for MP3

M4A/AAC, 37 MB Click here for M4a/iTunes

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