Setting up a WordPress Archive for My Fandom Works

Yeah, so, there are lots of archives of fanfic out there, but recently LiveJournal has been very up and down (hacker attacks) and it’s the only site that I have ALL my fanfiction on. I thought it was about time to establish my own online site on my own server.

It also occurred to me that I can put up a gallery of all the HP Tarot Fest art from the past few years, as well, in one place. So I plan to do that, as well as archive all my fics and podfics here. Plus maybe even photo galleries of the Harry Potter conventions I go to.

Since Harry Potter is my main fandom, you’ll find mostly that here. But when and if I write fanfic of other things, you’ll find it here, too. (I have a small collection of Hikaru no Go fics, for example.)

Disclaimer: These fanworks are all made for the love and not for profit. No commercial use. Also, my fanworks tend to be for ADULTS ONLY and tend to contain explicit material, as well as homosexual themes, BDSM, and other things that lots of folks find objectionable. Consider yourself warned or enticed, depending on if you like that sort of thing.

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