Day Two of MISTI-Con

Second day of MISTI-Con almost over! Last thing on the agenda today is “hang out” which I’ll go to do as soon as I finish posting.

Just got back from the Crafte Faire/Author’s Alley, which worked out very nicely. I caught up with lots of people who passed by my table! This is the big advantage of being tied to one spot for three hours: anyone who needed to find me, could. Saw Nic , Lynn, and many others. However it meant I didn’t get around to see all the other crafts! (I did sneak out to at least chat with Logospilgrim , Rachel, Fox, and a few others.)

I put up a photoset on Tumblr of more decorations from today, including the Ministry bulletin board.

I wanted very much to catch the gender cosplay workshop being put on by Droxy but I thought it started at three… and it ended at three. Whoops.
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The decorations and art at MISTI-Con are completely AMAZING! The Fountain of Magical Cooperation has been created in the lobby, the hallway by the restaurant has been made into a museum of magical history, tons of details like Ministry office signs on the doors, etc etc etc… We haven’t even seen a fraction of it yet since the function rooms weren’t open tonight!

I posted a photo set to Tumblr, but the Wifi here is pretty slow so I’m having trouble uploading to my blogs/LJ/DW at the moment. You an see the photos so far here:

Have been running into lots and lots of folks, of course, too many to name in full, but Rose bought me a drink at the opening gala, caught up a bit with Melissa Aaron , introduced Fox Estacado and her friend Chris to the art of Remedios Varo (Google “Remedios Varo” to see some incredible images by a woman surrealist), chit chatted with Rachel (in what I can only describe as a “green trash” outfit… uh, hard to explain… think Slytherin baseball cap and beer was an important prop…), saw Alyse and Dave, watched Debi B. nail a tricky song at karaoke, hugged Krista , and of course Carole who went with me to the New Hampshire State Liquor Store on the drive up… !

Stillll packing…. (plus my MISTI-Con schedule)

I’m going to be a busy busy bee at Misti-Con, between what I’m speaking on and what I want to go see and do! Plus there needs to be time for hanging out in the Common Room, too!

A reminder to all: I do tarot readings for both real and imaginary people. So whether it’s for yourself, an RP character, or a character in your novel, the cards work just the same. :-) I barter, there’s no set “rate,” it’s really whatever you want to trade me or give me, and that includes smiles, hugs, Amazon reviews, cookies, etc… I don’t have a set time to do it, but usually just set up with my cards in the Common Room at random times. I will even use YOUR deck if you like. (I’m a daredevil that way.)

Also, I will have books with me to sell in Author’s Alley (the Craft Faire), but only a few copies of each. If there’s something you know you might want, ping me so I’ll know to pack an extra copy. Deets and schedule below the cut! Continue reading

My MISTI-Con Literary Guest Interview

MISTI-Con asked all the literary guests to answer 5 interview questions and they said instead of answering in email, we could video reply. So I did!

As part of MISTI-Con‘s slate of literary guests, Cecilia Tan will be speaking on panels, reading from her work, and autographing books at the con! In this video she talks about what she found so inspiring about the Harry Potter books and Harry Potter fandom, gets into her Hogwarts robe and tie, and discusses how the freedom to be a fan is important to her life as a professional fiction writer.

Among the many topics: the desire to create original fiction that is as addictive and delivers the same emotional “kick” as fan fiction, how Draco Malfoy took over her life, incredible and amazing things her fans have done for her, and what she’s looking forward to the most about MISTI-Con!

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Hogwarts Alumni Reunion This Saturday!

Coming up Saturday in Boston, the latest Renion (i.e. party) of the Hogwarts Alumni and other wizarding folks. This time we’ll be at the Arisia Science Fiction Convention, which is going on all weekend at the Westin Waterfront in Boston. Wands may be required for entry (how else are you going to get through the door charms?) and wizarding attire is strongly encouraged!

I could still use some help with food & decorating. So if anyone wants to bake/bring Cauldron Cakes or any other wizardy food item, or donate any small prizes for best Wizarding outfits/costumes, please let me know! (Email: ravenna_c_tan at yahoo dot com)

The party will take place room 450 (barring hotel mishap), 9pm to 2am. RSVP on Facebook here:

Day passes are on sale for Arisia as well, visit the con’s website to register:

AND! The party is being put on with some gracious help from MISTI-Con! I’ll have postcards and info about MISTI there. MISTI-Con will be in May in Laconia, NH. The main hotel is already sold out but they are booking overflow. Check out their website at:

More Ascendio Post-Con

It appears in the post-Ascendio blues, droves of people are making their reservations at The Margate for MISTI-Con next year (May 9-13) and buying their MISTI-Con registrations. There’s a TON of chatter about it in the Ascendio Facebook group here:

And now MISTI-Con itself has a Page for official announcements and a Group where much chit-chat about con plans is going on! ( Last I looked, two notorious Voldemort and Remus cosplayers had challenged each other to a duel cross-dressed as Bellatrix and Tonks. Yes, I am expecting this to be an epic con.

But more about ASCENDIO. I’ve been reading LOTS and lots of people’s post-con reports, and digging up more photos, and really enjoying seeing everyone’s takes on the event.

Meanwhile, I completely forgot to write about the one truly prized possession I came home with!! It’s an original piece of art from Oldenuf whose Harry/Draco art has had me squeeing for YEARS. We got talking at the HD Meetup, where several of us were drooling over her portfolio. Turned out that she was wanting some of my books, so we made a trade of our mutual lusts. :-)

Look under the cut for photos of the art and more!
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Ascendio Book Faire details!

I have the honor this year to be a conspirator in making a Book Faire happen at Ascendio (though really, it’s all NqDonne’s doing…). Thursday is Authorpalooza, when Lev Grossman, Beth Revis, Aimee Carter, Lindsay Ribar, and Michelle Hodgkin will each be reading from their work and autographing. Books-a-Million will have the books of special author guests for sale.

Many fine authors will also be working displays of their own books from 1pm to 5pm on Thursday as part of the Book Faire. The faire kicks off with one of our sponsoring companies, Wattpad, throwing a reception! So come on down at 1pm to kick it off. Also be sure to also say hello to Omnific (a publishing company that grew out of fandom), and the following authors:

Logospilgrim, Mark Reads, Diana Copland, Valerie Frankel, Belle Malory, Kele Moon, Leslie Barnhart, Karen Morris, Erin Pyne, and yours truly. Details on each author and what books they will have to entice you with, under the cut: Continue reading

Ascendio Costume: forearm guards

Today was the shopping expedition to get the fabric, fasteners, and other supplies needed to make my Ascendio “Night of a Thousand Wizards” costume: A New York Yankees Quidditch outfit. (See previous post for diagrams and description…)

Tonight the Yankees played the Mets in the last game of Interleague baseball (until the World Series, that is…) on the ESPN Sunday Night game. So I got all my writing at other work out of the way so I could sit down to work on the costume while listening to the game. I didn’t quite manage to be done with other things: I had to take out the garbage and some other stuff while it was still light out, so it was about 8:30 or 8:45 by the time I actually sat down.

Sewing projects for me always turn out to be a lot like motorcycle maintenance. There are always some things that go wrong with the machine, or where I’ve forgotten my skills from disuse, and I have to figure it out again and make some trips to the parts store. This time was no different, although thankfully I managed to keep it running long enough to finish tonight’s goal: the forearm guards. Tomorrow I’ll have to go to the sewing store and get some needles.

Among the things I needed on today’s earlier shopping trip: white thread. White is not a color I’ve done much with in my life. Nearly all my clothes are black. Today I wore my red Lafayette University Quidditch T-shirt mostly because I needed to do laundry. Also, wearing something colorful to go fabric shopping is not a bad idea–I always come out of the store covered in bits of colorful lint and such.

But the point of costumes is sometimes to be radically different from one’s usual self. I play with gender on a regular basis anyway, so going from black to white is about as radical a change as I can make.

I managed to finish the first of the two forearm guards literally JUST as the final out of the game was made, meaning it took me three hours, and then zipped through the second one during the postgame show: more like 30 minutes. Typical.

Picspam of the process, my broken needle, and the rest, under the cut! Continue reading

Making a costume for Ascendio…

Some of you have seen me post or heard me talk about the costume I’ve been wanting to make to wear at Night of a Thousand Wizards at Ascendio. Well, the con is coming up in *mumble* weeks, so I have to really get on the stick.

The costume is meant to be appropriate for hot weather: so it’s a “summer” Quidditch outfit. That mostly means the sleeves on the robe are going to be a bit shorter than I’d usually do.

The other thing that’s summery about it is I decided to make it a New York Yankees quidditch outfit. Because I thought it would be fun to combine my fandoms. And you know the Yankees are completely the Slytherins of baseball. (Everyone loves to hate us, but we’re clearly the most ambitious and best…)

So I’m sitting down at the sewing machine tonight (while listening to the Yankees/Mets game on the Internet radio…), right after I post this. Below, some of my preliminary sketches of the costume. I can’t draw for beans, so apologies they’re not beautiful. :-)

The main question I still had hanging last night was what to do for footwear. Boots? Sneakers? Athletic shoes of some kind like boxing shoes? The predominant color of the costume is WHITE (with thin, navy blue pinstripes). So the shoes ought to be white, I think. White Chuck Taylors?

I came across these white Doc Martens on Amazon last night, though, so I ordered them. Not completely sure they’re the right thing, but they might be! I figure I’ll see how it looks after they arrive. I might wait to make the shin guards until after I try the boots on. Suggestions welcome!

The other thing I’m not sure what to do about accessories. I want to have a broom but can’t fit one on the plane. Oh and I’m still deciding if the wand holder should be part of a forearm guard or shin guard. I might put BOTH in so that I can shift it depending.

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Hogwarts Alumni REunion: CON.txt edition

I was a dork and didn’t take photos of anything at this Hogwarts Alumni party, so no picspam this time! I really decorated a lot. CON.txt being a slash con I put up more fan art on the walls than usual and allowed people to take the art at the end of the party if they liked!

As with the previous renditions of this party at Wiscon and Arisia, I had a slashy fanart slideshow showing on one wall, we had Bertie Bott’s Beans (but not the truly icky flavors), edible wands (Pocky), and butterbeer. I also did the thing of transforming the full length mirror into the Mirror of Erised and asked people to write on it what they saw in it.

Some of this time’s answers:
“Warm socks!”
“Knight of Faith finished!” (this was written in mirrored handwriting)
“Me with a job I actually like.” (ditto)
“me! without a headache!”
“Freedom from mandatory gender!”
“I see I have finished my novel on time!”

I didn’t end up making it to any panels today, instead having many long conversations with people in the Con Sweet mostly at my vendor table but some at the social tables. Breakfast was awesome again (eggs and bacon and sausage this time, plus all the things from the day before) and I put a bid in on a piece in the art auction (sorry, Alan! didn’t know it was you I was outbidding!) and I also picked up a graphic novel of all Asian American comics from the orphan table, for which I added a donation to the donation box.

And I did some tarot readings, some at my table, and some during the Potter party, which is always always fun.

And the Vid Show rocked. As usual. I always get intrigued by new fandoms by these vids. Queen of Swords? Why have I not heard of this show? My favorite of the whole bunch (and many other people’s judging by the cheers) was one that melded (haha) the Trek reboot with old Trek. Kirk/Spock reboot FTW.

Tomorrow I’m only here long enough to see if I won anything in the raffle, pack my books, and then it’s off to see the Nationals take on the Slytherins… I mean, the New York Yankees. My other fandom, yessss. Good night, now, it’s nearly 3am and breakfast is at 9am! Gack!