Hogwarts Alumni Party at Arisia

At 2am the last guest spontaneously left and the first, best Hogwarts Alumni Reunion Party ended.

It was one of the best parties I’ve ever thrown at a con, and I’ve thrown a lot of parties in 20+ years of going to science fiction conventions.

The plot to hold this party was hatched just ten days or so before the con, when I was miraculously moved from the waitlist into the room block (thank you Arisia staff and innkeepers! thank you thank you!). I had plans to run a party for Circlet Press on Friday night, but that meant Saturday night.. (cue “thinking music”).

I emailed some friends, posted on my LJ, and found that I wasn’t the only nut psyched to throw a Harry-Potter-themed party for adults.

Why for adults, you ask? Two reasons, actually. Continue reading

Happy Birthday Professor Snape! (I got a gift!!)


I just got my Secret Snape gift and OH. MY. GOODNESS. You Guys. It is beyond wonderfulness! And yet still a secret, as there was no note or name, just a mysterious return address? I shall have to check out the squeeing post over at Pennswoods journal to find out who was the arts-and-crafts master who sent me this!

Photos and details below the cut! Continue reading

Happy Birthday Severus! It’s “secret Snape” day!

Thanks to the genius of Pennswoods on LJ , a bunch of us are celebrating Snape’s birthday with a Secret Santa sort of exchange… except it’s Secret Snape. We each put in some preferences on gifts and then received an assignment. I haven’t actually received mine yet, but I thought I’d post a photo of what I sent my recipient.

Tamela, if you haven’t got it yet, it’s coming via Priority Mail in a small box, and don’t look under the cut if you want to be surprised! If you *did* get it and you’re curious for more info… read on… Continue reading