More Ascendio Post-Con

It appears in the post-Ascendio blues, droves of people are making their reservations at The Margate for MISTI-Con next year (May 9-13) and buying their MISTI-Con registrations. There’s a TON of chatter about it in the Ascendio Facebook group here:

And now MISTI-Con itself has a Page for official announcements and a Group where much chit-chat about con plans is going on! ( Last I looked, two notorious Voldemort and Remus cosplayers had challenged each other to a duel cross-dressed as Bellatrix and Tonks. Yes, I am expecting this to be an epic con.

But more about ASCENDIO. I’ve been reading LOTS and lots of people’s post-con reports, and digging up more photos, and really enjoying seeing everyone’s takes on the event.

Meanwhile, I completely forgot to write about the one truly prized possession I came home with!! It’s an original piece of art from Oldenuf whose Harry/Draco art has had me squeeing for YEARS. We got talking at the HD Meetup, where several of us were drooling over her portfolio. Turned out that she was wanting some of my books, so we made a trade of our mutual lusts. :-)

Look under the cut for photos of the art and more!
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More calligraphy fanart

So I decided to tackle house mottos, but I’m not happy with the results. I did them using “skeleton” lettering and I’m just crap at it. So I will probably do these again as my skills improve. But I thought I’d post the current results anyway.

I used skeleton because I wanted to do house colors using silver & gold. The metallic inks are very gummy (the “silver” is actually aluminum suspended in gum) and lend themselves to fine lines like you see in skeleton style lettering moreso than the wide strokes used in blackletter.

So I jumped in to try Gryffindor first. Since this was the longest of the mottos I was going to do, I decided to do it on two sheets, one using red letters on gold (well, yellow) paper, and one using gold letters on red paper. Since the red I could do with regular ink, I used blackletter for that, and skeleton for the gold.

It reads:

In Gryffindor
where dwell the
brave at heart,

Daring, nerve
and chivalry,
set Gryffindors

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