Harry Potter Costume Swap and Fandom Hangout This Sunday, My House

So this Sunday (December 22), the Harry & the Potters “Yule Ball” will be going on at the Middle East Nightclub in Cambridge from 5pm to 10pm.

I live two T stops from there, and decided to open my doors for some fandom hanging out and for a costume swap! So… starting at noon…

Bring those costume pieces, fabrics, wigs, props, etc. that don’t fit, never were quite right, you’re tired of, are from your former house, are a character you don’t cosplay anymore… etc. etc. and see if you can swap them! Or just come hang out, talk Harry Potter, and get psyched for the Yule Ball at the Middle East (Harry & the Potters).

We’ll have hot chocolate, butterbeer, and snacks and be hanging out from 12 noon until 4pm. Please also feel free to invite Potter-loving friends to participate.

The Facebook RSVP page is here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1439875029558558/

If you don’t know where I live already, drop me an email and I’ll send you directions! I’m at ravenna_c_tan at Yahoo.com!

UK marriage legal question… for a fic, of course.

Okay, so I’m working on some various plots and things for upcoming fic, both pro and fan, and I have a question for the Brits and Brit-pickers out there about a story idea.

Can you be married to someone in the UK and not know it? The idea came from a news report that Janeane Garofolo apparently went through what she thought was a fake wedding just for fun in Las Vegas once, and recently learned holy crap, it was actually a legal marriage. (Link to story about it in USA Today: here — and here’s one about whether they have to file amended taxes at the married rate {No, apparently.})

Rather than try to create some excuse to get characters in the Potterverse to Las Vegas, I was wondering if anything like that could happen in the UK? Wikipedia says for a marriage in the UK to be binding, the participants, the celebrant, and witnesses must sign a document… but that’s Wikipedia, and the question I’m actually asking is… what if one of the participants is tricked into signing, i.e. didn’t think it was real? Or it was part of a performance?

Thoughts welcome. This plot bunny isn’t sure where it wants to go exactly…

FanFiction Documentary Film!

So… filmmaker Hansi Oppenheimer, the creator of the Replacements fan documentary Color Me Obsessed, is now working on another fan-energy based documentary, this one on fan fiction and fanworks.

Hansi will be in Cambridge, MA this coming Saturday May 19 to film interviews with fanfiction writers and other fan artists. I’ve offered her my living room as a location for the filming, so if you’re interested in being interviewed, contact her to set up a time slot! Email her at TroubledGirlFilms@yahoo.com. 

She’ll be interviewing Flourish Klink (Ascendio’s Minister of Magic) and me and hopefully lots of other folks. I live between Porter Square and Harvard Square and am easy to get to. If you get an interview slot and need directions to get here, email me at ravenna_c_tan (at) yahoo.com and I’ll send them.

Hansi is also launching an IndieGoGo fundraising campaign to get to Ascendio in Orlando in July and film interviews there, too. She’s trying to raise $1,800 by June 22. If you want your name listed in the credits of the film or to order a DVD, here’s the link! http://www.indiegogo.com/p/104624

A bit more Snape-ish calligraphy

(First, a quick note to anyone who has been getting malware and virus warnings when visiting any of my websites or circlet.com — they’ve FINALLY killed the infection. I hired a professional team from Sucuri.net who not only eradicated all the malware code, they hardened my WordPress installs, and they will keep watch for one year! Good stuff.)

Now, on to the arty stuff.

I undertook to practice two different alphabets here. One is a form of uncial that has a sort of Celtic look to it (having been the style used in many of the church manuscripts) and the other a more formal Gothic blackletter.

I’m better with the formal ones right now because I’m very stiff as a beginner. I have a bit more control and my inaccuracy and untrained muscle memory are minimized with the very formal letters. Whereas the uncials seem — to me, anyway — to want a bit more expressiveness in the stroke and I don’t yet have the fineness of technique to be able to be more expressive without just plain getting things wrong, letters too big, too small, strokes not matching as they should, etc.

Anyway, first “The Half Blood Prince” in uncial: Continue reading

Calligraphy fanart, Snape-ish

So, I am not an artist. Art class was always one of my favorites in school, but I’ve never had any talent at drawing or really in transferring either what I see or what I imagine onto paper. As the de facto art director for Circlet Press over the past 20 years, I’ve become a decent designer, though, and as a writer by trade, the one form of visual art that has continually drawn my interest since I was a teenager is calligraphy.

So, I’ve dabbled in it here and there. But when a creative pursuit (such as writing) is one’s livelihood, that often doesn’t leave a lot of time for other creative hobbies. Acting, playing music, and lettering have all taken back seats so far back they may as well be in a different bus from me. (Writing fanfic is by far my favorite hobby… and it’s indistinguishable from what I do for a living, except for the non-commercial part.)

But on February 20th I decided I wanted to spend about 15 minutes a day practicing my lettering and learning/inventing some alphabets. About five years ago I actually set up a calligraphy work desk and now, five years later, I’m finally USING it!! So, under the cut, picspam of the letterings I’ve been doing!

Continue reading

OK, friends… what should I podfic myself?

Any requests or suggestions on which fic, if any, of mine, I ought to podcast for myself? People always enjoy my readings at HP conventions, I used to be in radio, and I’ve got the equipment, so nothing’s stopping me but the lack of time. However, if there were a lot of votes for a particular fic, I might get off my duff…

Comment with your suggestions at any of my journals! LJ, IJ, DW, and I started a WordPress blog of my own (Ravenna’s Quill) which I can now post to and mirror to all my other journals! (Except JournalFen which seems to be broken…?) Alternately, email me (ravenna_c_tan @ yahoo.com).

New Harry/Draco audio fic! In the HP podfic fest.

Wheeee! Happy holidays, everyone!

My Christmas-themed H/D fic “A Wizard’s Memory” is up at the HP Podfic Fest! The lovely Takola read it, and you can get is as an MP3 or m4b format, or livestream it right inside LJ.

For those who don’t recall or haven’t read the fic, it’s a postwar Harry/Draco at a Christmas party with a bunch of rich Quidditch snobs. It’s probably one of my most romantic stories. Yes, I feel I have to warn for that…

My original summary: NC-17. (5900 words). Harry attends a holiday party which brings up not-so-old memories. Quote: “As if they hadn’t spent some seven years hating each other, seven weeks fucking like weasels, and the two years since ignoring one another.” A gift fic for Charlotteschaos in the HD_holidays exchange.

Cover art:

Link to the post & podfic: