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I am a professional writer and editor who got sucked into writing fanfiction many years after going pro. Think of me like a professional dancer who discovered how much fun it is going to the disco or swing dance parties. No, I don't feel I'm "wasting my talent" and no, I don't feel fanfiction is disrespectful to the original authors. I encourage fans to play in my sandbox and I am grateful for other authors and creators who do the same. The imagination is one of the most powerful parts of our minds and exercising it is a key to happiness.

My HDS Beltane fic revealed! PROPHECY FULFILLED for Starduchess

I was in the very first HDS Beltane fest nine years ago, so when I heard this year would be the last round of the fest, I decided I had to jump in one more time. Here’s the fic I wrote!

Title: Prophecy Fulfilled
To: starduchess
Author: ravenna_c_tan
Pairing/Threesome: Snape/Draco, Harry/Draco, Snape/Harry/Draco
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: *Violent sex, erotic abuse of Unforgivable curses*
Story notes: My but there’s a lot of sex in here.
Word count: 7,900

Summary: Our story begins with Severus and Draco’s flight from Hogwarts after the death of Dumbledore. This time Severus brings Draco into the plot to aid Potter’s cause, and this time Dumbledore’s naive ideals about innocence will not hold them back from their goal to vanquish the Dark Lord. What does it take to cast an Unforgivable, truly?

Disclaimer: Characters are the property of JK Rowling, et al. This was created for fun, not for profit.

Author’s Note: The idea for this story came from Starduchess’s request, which included “angst, drama, hurt/comfort, mystery, horror, action/adventure; special or powerful magics… magical AUs (find a different way of killing Voldemort!) or post-war Harry as Master of Death.” Which led me to the idea that the only way for the Unforgivables to be properly cast is for the caster to have lost their innocence. Severus and Draco will make sure Harry’s innocence is rather thoroughly debauched. (Also, this story fulfills the prompt “a broken circle” in the 7 Spells fest!) Thanks C, for the beta-read!

Link to the fest fic: http://hds-beltane.livejournal.com/148499.html

Fic repost: THE HERMIT (Harry/Draco, NC-17)

A reader commented over at AO3 that apparently this fic had disappeared from the Internet. “The Hermit” was written for the 2009 HD Worldcup fest, and though the fest was held on Livejournal, the actual fics were hosted somewhere else. I guess that somewhere else no longer exists as the links go nowhere. So I have now re-posted the fic to AO3 (here!) and now I’ll put it here, too!

Title: The Hermit
Author: Ravenna C. Tan
Fest: Originally written for Team Canon in the 2009 HD Worldcup
Prompt: The Hermit
Word Count: 16,000
Warnings: Explicit sex
Rating: NC-17/Adult
Thanks to: My beta readers scrtkpr and clauclauclaudia! Thanks for such great, quick responses!

A few notes before the fic:

Card Interpretation: The Hermit is one of the few cards that has a mostly consistent meaning over the many Tarot decks I own and researched. To quote from Tarot of the Cat People: “A loner or person incapable of interacting with other people. Failure to face facts. Self-denial.” The Vertigo Tarot says this: “Withdrawal, acting alone, seeking wisdom. Difficulty connecting with the world or other people.” I see this side of Draco first emerging in sixth year, when he tries to act alone to save his family rather than reaching out to Snape or anyone else for help. The downward spiral that begins for him then, I have carried forward four years after the end of Deathly Hallows, trying to project as accurately as possible from the clues in the canon what might have transpired in Draco’s much-traumatised head.

Reversed, the card can carry some interesting meanings, too, especially as regards a person who is engaging or integrating with society. For me, this refers to Harry. JKR has said in interviews since the release of DH that Harry would have taken up an important part in reshaping the wizarding world. I don’t count interviews strictly as “canon,” but for me that means to write a canonically consistent story, I could not, for example, turn Harry into a recluse who fades into obscurity now that his destiny has been fulfilled. He is the Hermit Reversed, engaged in the world and an integral part of his society.

Canon notes: I chose Team Canon because I really try to get all those little details right. There are many fanon conventions that we’ve come to accept, and yet they do not appear in the books. For example, there is no potion in the books that bears the name “Dreamless Sleep.” At the end of Goblet of Fire, Madame Pomfrey brings Harry a purple potion, saying “You’ll need to drink all of this. Harry,” she said. “It’s a potion for dreamless sleep.” She doesn’t tell the name to Harry, nor is it named later in the books. Fans have named it “Dreamless Sleep” in countless fics, which is not wrong to do–obviously the potion has SOME name–but it has no name in the canon, and therefore has no name in my story. Another thing that I try to match to the canon is the capitalisation, but this is something that is not always consistent. I had to decide whether to capitalise the “Cursebreakers” who help Harry–Ministry positions like Auror and Obliviator tend to be capitalised–or if it should be “curse breaker” as in the description Molly gives in Prisoner of Azkaban of “our eldest son, Bill, [who] works as a curse breaker for Gringotts Wizarding Bank.” And you’ll note, no apostrophe in Gringotts!

*** AND NOW THE FIC *** Continue reading

News about the Hogwarts Alumni Ball!

The ball committee is working hard making decorations, inventing potions–I mean, cocktail recipes–and preparing for a grand time. 

I have a bit of news to add. To encourage folks to arrive on time, we have a special gift for the first 20 to come through the door: Time Turners! Yes, now you know what happened to the Ministry supply of them. I have them. 😀

Please help us get the word out to wizarding folk everywhere to come join us! Tell your friends, post on your social media, email lists, etc! Here are the details again:

-Wizarding costume ball! All Wizarding or Magical costumes are welcomed! (I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Timelord or two visiting, as well.)

-This Sunday October 26th, 7pm to 11pm at the Elks Lodge in Central Square, Cambridge, MA. One of our committee members described the bar area there as: “Slytherin Speakeasy.” Well, okay, then!

-Tickets are $20 day of event/at door, $15 in advance online at http://hogwartsalumni.weebly.com

-There will be prizes for best costumes!

-Cash bar: only those with ID proving they are 21 or older will be allowed to drink. (18+ may attend, though!)

Please share the graphic around too!


HP Costume Ball at Geek Central! Sunday October 26

Pandemonium Books & Games, the sf/f bookstore and gaming spot in Central Square, Cambridge (Massachusetts), runs a weekend-long geek culture festival in October called Geek Central. Events happen all around the Square and will include a geek-themed burlesque show, panels with local sf/f authors, and more.

Some of us who have been informally throwing events like the “Hogwarts Alumni Reunion” at Arisia and going to afternoon tea in costume, etc. have been talked into throwing a Harry Potter themed Costume Ball at the Elks Lodge! So, here we go!

It’ll be mere days before Halloween, which only makes it an even better excuse to get your Potter on! We’ll also have prizes for best costumes.

Note: this costume ball is for adults! Alcohol will be served.

PRICE: Tickets are on sale now. EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: only $10 for the first 25 early birds to purchase! After that it goes up to $15 in advance, $20 at the door.

DATE: October 26 (Sunday) 2014 from 7pm – 11pm.

HOW TO PURCHASE: Visit Hogwarts Alumni of Boston and use the online shopping cart there.

We’re also looking for volunteers and sponsors. If you can help out in any way, whether working a door shift, helping decorate, donating prizes, or spreading the word, drop us a line!

I finally posted TEMPUS at AO3

I’ve been meaning to put a lot of my fics onto AO3 for years now. I have over a dozen up there now, and tonight I finally got TEMPUS, my H/D time-travel kind-of-AU-but-not-really romance BDSM adventure novel.

Here: http://archiveofourown.org/works/1875756/chapters/4040178

Summary: Did you ever wonder where the Hogwarts disappearing corridors go–or when? When Harry Potter finds himself at Hogwarts in 1927 he never expected that the first person he would run into would be… Draco Malfoy?? 85,000 words. Written for the “hp_cliche” challenge in 2006, run by ReganV. Beta-read by Miraba.

Harry is magically transported back to Hogwarts in 1926, and until they find a way to return him to 1997, he is enrolled as a student. The very first student he meets is a blond Slytherin named Draco Malfoy. A time without Voldemort gives Harry the chance to learn things about magic and himself, but that era is not without certain evils. Mixes mystery, romance, action/adventure, and first-time smut. Nominated for a Multi-faceted Award.

Warnings: Non-con/dub con, corporal punishment, teacher/student, consensual BDSM.

Originally written in 2006.

MISTI-Con Pre-Reg is OPEN!

Woooo! I’ve been waiting for this day since last MISTI-Con! Seriously, I’ve been to a lot of Harry Potter conventions. I’ve been to some huge ones and some small ones and this one is just the most fun I’ve ever had at a convention. So many people are making art and participating it’s like Harry Potter Burning Man. I’ve been planning what costume(s) I’m going to make for a year already.

Their fundraiser (sorry, that Fundrazr) went live yesterday, and I quote:

“MISTI-Con is a Harry Potter fan convention designed to be a more intimate, immersive fan experience. It will focus on the talent, art and achievements of the members of the fandom itself, highlighting the fantastic participatory nature of the community.

The Margate provides us EXCLUSIVE use of their hotel. All the hotel rooms and conference halls will be for MISTI-Con’s use, and the full hotel has been reserved for MISTI-Con attendees. The hotel facilities will also include a huge outdoor events tent that will house the larger convention programming. Most wonderful of all, the Margate allows MISTI-Con to extensively decorate as much of the hotel as possible, creating the immersive environment that is part of our larger goal.”

To pre-register or donate to the fundraiser for very cool fannish perks, click here: https://fundrazr.com/campaigns/cjnC2/sh/73CHe8

or visit www.misti-con.org for updates and more information about the convention, which will be Memorial Day Weekend 2015 (May 21-25).

Upcoming cons! Got my room for MISTI-Con … and HPEF poll?

The new MISTI-Con website went live today and I have already made a room reservation at the Margate!

Check out the newly revamped MISTI site: http://www.misti-con.org/misti-news.html

MISTI-Con 2015 will have a wizarding world’s fair theme. Can’t wait.

Meanwhile, HPEF, the folks who put on Ascendio, Azkatraz, Infinitus, and many of the other memorable HP cons of the last decade, are exploring the idea of doing another, but smaller, con ALSO in 2015. Seattle or Minneapolis. They have a poll up on the subject which you can fill out as a Google Form (link).

I’m all in for MISTI. It was so much fun. I’d want to do HPEF also, but Seattle is a bit far and the budget only goes so far. If only we could get HPEF and Misti each doing every other year but not the SAME year…

Third Annual Hogwarts Alumni Reunion at Arisia

For the third year in a row I hosted a Hogwarts Alumni Reunion at Arisia on Saturday night. This year the party was not as crowded, but we still had quite a decent turnout of folks in their witch and wizard hats and school robes, and I gave out at least dozen prizes for costumes–the more elaborate the costume, the more elaborate the prize. :-) (Some photos below…)

One of the more amusing interactive elements was I asked people to write a spell, curse, or potion they had invented since their graduation from Hogwarts. (As well as “what do you see in the Mirror of Erised?”)

Here’s the list of spells, curses, and potions: Continue reading

Harry Potter Costume Swap and Fandom Hangout This Sunday, My House

So this Sunday (December 22), the Harry & the Potters “Yule Ball” will be going on at the Middle East Nightclub in Cambridge from 5pm to 10pm.

I live two T stops from there, and decided to open my doors for some fandom hanging out and for a costume swap! So… starting at noon…

Bring those costume pieces, fabrics, wigs, props, etc. that don’t fit, never were quite right, you’re tired of, are from your former house, are a character you don’t cosplay anymore… etc. etc. and see if you can swap them! Or just come hang out, talk Harry Potter, and get psyched for the Yule Ball at the Middle East (Harry & the Potters).

We’ll have hot chocolate, butterbeer, and snacks and be hanging out from 12 noon until 4pm. Please also feel free to invite Potter-loving friends to participate.

The Facebook RSVP page is here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1439875029558558/

If you don’t know where I live already, drop me an email and I’ll send you directions! I’m at ravenna_c_tan at Yahoo.com!

Hogwarts Alumni Reunion: January 18, 2014

Yep, we’re doing it again, the Hogwarts Alumni Reunion party at Arisia, the multi-fandom sf/f con in Boston that has costumers and GLBT folk in equal measures. As a result — and because of who I know to begin with — this party tends to have a lot of slashers and costumers. Wands may be needed to enter. If you are a Muggle you may have to convince a nearby witch or wizard to help you in.

More details and RSVPs on this facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1430475487163829/

We’re still recruiting folks to help with decorating, food/drink, cleanup, etc. If you would not mind getting a hotel room in the party block I would love to hook our rooms together if possible so we can have more space? Let me know.

Continue reading